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Publications de 2015-2018


Nom et prénom de l’auteur/Author's name and first name Titre de l’article /Paper's title Nom de la revue o journal/Magazine's or journal's title N° et vol/N° and volume Année/Year Pagination/Numbering Lien Résume/Abstract
154 MERABTI A.,  Diogo S. Martins, Mohamed Meddi, Luis S. Pereira Spatial and Time Variability of Drought Based on SPI and RDI with Various Time Scales Water Resources Management vol .32 2018 PP 1087-1100 Lien ABSTRACT
153 MERABTI A.,  MEDDI M, MARTINS D.&  PEREIRA LUIS S Comparing SPI and RDI Applied at Local Scale as Influenced by Climate Water Resources Management vol .32 2018 PP 1071-1085


152 BOUFEKANE A. &  SAIGHI O. Statistical Characterization of Groundwater Quality in Jijel Plain Area (Northeastern Algeria) Advances in Science,Technology & Innovation :
Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions
2018 P p  p 665-667

151 BOUFEKANE A. &  SAIGHI O. Application of Groundwater Vulnerability Overlay and Index Methods to the Jijel Plain Area (Algeria): Ground Water Vol. 56 Issue 1 2018 p p 143–156 lien ABSTRACT
151A BOUCHEHED H., MIHOUBI M.K., DERDOUS O. & DJEMILI L. Evaluation of potential dam break flood risks of the cascade dams Mexa and Bougous (El Taref, Algeria) Journal of Water and Land Development Vol.33
2017 P P

150 AMMARI A ., MORAMARCO T.& MEDDI M. A simple entropy-based method for discharges measurements in gauged and ungauged river sites: the case study of coastal Algerian rivers Bulletin de l’Institut Scientifique, Rabat, Section Sciences de la Terre. N° 39 2017 p p 35-44. Lien ABSTRACT
147 MEDDI M., TOUMI S. & ASSANI A. Application of the l-moments approach to the analysis of regional flood frequency in northern International JournalHydrology Science and Technology Vol.7    N°1 2017 p p 77 Lien
146 ZEROUAL A.ASSANI ALI & MEDDI M. Combined analysis of temperature and rainfall variability as they relate to climate indices in Northern Algeria over the 1972–2013 period Hydrology Research Vol.48 Issue 2 2017 p p 584 Lien
137 TAIBI S.,MEDDI M.,MAHE G. & ASSANI A. Relationships between atmospheric circulation indices and rainfall in Northern Algeria and comparison of observed and RCM-generated rainfall Theoretical and Applied Climatology vol.127 Issue1-2 2017 p p 241-257 Lien
148 BOUFEKANE A. & SAIGHI O. Kriging method of study of the groundwater quality used for irrigation - case of Wadi Djendjen plain (North-East Algeria) Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences vol. 8 N°2 2016 p p 346-362 Lien ABSTRACT
137A MIHOUBI  M.K &  KERKAR E. Application Reliability Method for Concrete Dams World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Civil, Environmental, Structural, Construction and Architectural Engineering Vol.10
2016 P P  1563-1569 Lien
137 B MIHOUBI  M.K &  KERKAR E.& HEBBOUCH A Application Reliability Method for the Analysis of the Stability Limit States of Large Concrete Dams World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Environmental and Ecological Engineering Vol.3    N°6 2016
145 MEDDI M. & TOUMI S. Regional approach for the estimate of maximum daily rainfall in northern Algeria Larhyss Journal N°28 2016 p p 285-301 Lien
145A CHAHRAOUI H.& TOUAIBIA B. Caracterisation de la variabilité spatio-temporelle des precipitation annuelles dans la region de l'amont Boughezoul en Algérie du Nord. Revue LJEE N°28&29 2016 p11 Lien
147 ZEROUAL A.ASSANI ALI & MEDDI M. Artificial Neural Network Rainfall-Discharge Model Assessment Under Rating Curve Uncertainty and Monthly Discharge Volume Predictions Water Resources Management Vol. 30 Issue 9 2016 pp 3191–3205 Lien
143 BENABBES A.S. & MEDDI M. Study of propagation and floods routing in north-western region of Algeria International Journal. Hydrology Science and Technology vol.6    N°2 2016 p p 118-142 Lien
143 A BOUFEKANE A. & SAIGHI O. Effect of recharge, irrigation and soil nature on the variation of nitrate in the groundwater of Wadi Nil (Jijel North-East Algeria) African journal of agricultural research vo10    N°7 2015 p p 720-126

142 TOUHARI F., MEHAIGUENE M. & MEDDI M. Study of Quality of Surface Water in the Upper Cheliff Basin International Journal of Environmental, Chimical, Ecological,geological and Geophysical Enginnerring vol.09 n°12 2015 p p 1439 Lien ABSTRACT
141 MOKRANE W., KETTAB A. & ZIANE T. Etude experimentale du developement de l'interface air dans un tube venturi International Journal of Researche in Engineering & Tchenology Vol.3, Issue 11 2015 p p 41-48 Lien
140 DERDOUS O., DJEMILI L., BOUCHEHED H. & TACHI S.D. A GIS based approach for the break flood hardezas resrvoir "SKIKDA,ALGERIA" Journal of Water and Land Developement N°27 2015 p p 15-20 Lien ABSTRACT
139 KETROUCI K. & MEDDI M. Application des modèles Débit-durér-Fréquence QdF pour l'estimation des crues rares en Algérie : Cas du bassin versant de la Tafna. Bulletin de l'Institut rabat,section Science de la Terre N° 37 2015 p p 45-54 Lien ABSTRACT
138 MEDDI M. Contribution a l'etude du transport solide en Algerie du nord Larhyss Journal N°24 2015 p p 315-336 Lien
136 TAIBI S.,MEDDI M. & MAHE G. Evolution des pluies extrêmes dans le bassin du Chéliff
(Algérie) au cours des 40 dernières années 1971–2010
Piahs n° 369 2015 p p 175–180 Lien
133 TOUHARI F., MEDDI M., MEHAIGUENE  M. &  MOUMTAZ R. Hydrogeoghemical assessment of the upper Cheliff groundwater (North West Algeria) Environmental Earth Sciences vol.37,  Issue7 2015 p p 3043–3061 Lien